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  1. Safety Rules and Regulations shall be posted and all employees shall be made aware.
    These consist of:
    1. Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
    2. Owners Safety Procedures
    3. United Roadbuilders Safety Rules and Procedures

  2. Provide employee training as necessary in the following areas:
    1. Rules and Regulations
    2. First Aid
    3. Basic Safety Procedures
    4. Personal Protective Equipment
    5. Fire Suppression
    6. Special Hazards

  3. Accident/Incident Reporting
    1. Ensure such reports are submitted to proper government agencies
    2. Ensure such reports are conveyed to the owner or supervisors

  4. Personal Protective Equipment
    1. Ensure sufficient safety items are available and in proper working order at all times
    2. Ensure all personnel are familiar with, and use such equipment
    3. Ensure issued equipment is maintained and accounted for

  5. First Aid Personnel and Equipment
    1. When applicable, provide trained first aid personnel with valid first aid certificate on site.
    2. Ensure first aid equipment is readily available in sufficient quantity on job site
    3. When applicable, prior arrangement with appropriate ambulance authority will be made to ensure job site location is known.

  6. Quality Control and Inspections
    1. Joint contractor/owner progress inspections accomplished as required

  7. Communication
    1. Hold formal pre-job safety orientation meeting prior to commencement of work, with all personnel present
    2. Hold brief “Tailgate Meetings” on a regular schedule
    3. Minutes with attendance records for all major safety meetings held on-site
    4. Loss control meetings held with all employees
    5. Replacement personnel to be instructed in all aspects prior to on-site work


Every person employed on any company construction site shall be responsible for both his own safety and for others on the site. Always think before you act. Do not take chances, and if you do not know, ask. When you act, follow all safe work procedures, construction methods and instructions.

In addition to these basic safety responsibilities, every person has the following additional safety responsibilities:

  1. Report all unsafe conditions or acts to your supervisor promptly and, if injuries occur, get first aid immediately.

  2. Report all accidents and near misses to your supervisor promptly and, if injuries occur, get first aid immediately.

  3. Know what procedures to follow in case of emergency/evacuation on the construction site.

  4. Wear a CSA approved hard hat except when in an office, vehicle, designated break area.

  5. It is a must that each person wear CSA approved safety work boots or shoes. Runners, soft soled or sided shoes, hob nail or steel plated boots may not be acceptable on client’s projects. Safety workboots shall be mandatory at certain designated areas/projects.

  6. Approved safety equipment (e.g. safety glasses, face shields, hearing protection) shall be supplied by the contractor/subcontractors as required and shall be at work for your personnel and fellow employee’s protection.

  7. No person shall possess, consume or be under the influence of any alcohol or illegal non-prescription drugs on any company construction site. Camps are as per posted camp rules. Noncompliance will be considered grounds for immediate disciplinary action and/or removal from the site.

  8. Rowdiness, horseplay, practical jokes, sleeping or fighting have absolutely no place on any construction site and shall be considered grounds for immediate disciplinary action and/or removal from the site.

  9. Conveyance or the use of firearms on site is strictly prohibited unless authorized in writing by the company supervisory staff.

  10. Radio or tape headphones shall not be permitted on the actual construction site since they could render the user unaware of potential dangers and alarms.

  11. There shall be no riding on the back of, or on the sides of trucks, or any moving equipment.

  12. Any person driving on a construction site or field facility shall obey the posted speed limits and have their seat belt buckled up at all times.

  13. Smoking shall only take place in designated smoking areas.

  14. Each person is responsible to ensure the work site is kept clear of refuse, waste and surplus materials, after completion of each job, and at the end of each day.


Including permanent, temporary, part-time, and all sub contractors.

  1. United Roadbuilders basic safety program will be incorporated into the safety program of those to which we are contracted. We will abide by safety rules and regulations of the owner, whose safety procedures will be posted.
  2. Pre-job safety meetings will take place to establish any restrictions on any particular job, project schedules, all safety procedures, and any potential job hazards. These meetings will be held with our personnel, project construction personnel, and owner operations personnel or any other pertinent associates.
  3. A meeting will be held before commencement of work at which time safety procedures or potential hazards will be discussed. All on-site personnel will attend. These meeting may be in conjunction with other contractors or project operations personnel.
  4. Employees must be familiar with the use of all protective equipment and this equipment will be used at all times necessary.
  5. It is the responsibility of the employee to report any defects or damages to protective equipment. Loss of equipment will immediately be reported to the foreman and records will be kept as to all losses and damages.

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