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Rental Rates


Rental Rates

We will provide special rates for longer-term projects and strategic
relationships to assist you in completing your job.

Crawler Tractors
Caterpillar D8N P.S. 285 HP
Caterpillar D8K P.S. 300 HP
Caterpillar D8H P.S. 270 HP
Caterpillar D7H P.S. 215 HP
Caterpillar D7G P.S. 200 HP
Caterpillar D6H P.S. 165 HP
Caterpillar D6D P.S. LGP 140 HP
Caterpillar D6D P.S. Standard 140 HP
Caterpillar D5H P.S. LGP 120 HP
Caterpillar D4H P.S. LGP 90 HP
Caterpillar D3B P.S. LGP 65 HP

Motor Scrapers
Caterpillar 621 14 - 20 cubic yards
Caterpillar 627 14 - 20 cubic yards
Caterpillar 631 23 - 27 cubic yards

Pull Scrapers
Caterpillar #80,#435 15 - 20 cubic yards
Caterpillar #463 18 - 22 cubic yards

Caterpillar 320L or equivalent
Caterpillar 325L or equivalent
Caterpillar 330L or equivalent

Motor Graders
Caterpillar 140G or equivalent
Caterpillar 14G or equivalent

Hydraulic Ripper Ripper D6
Hydraulic Ripper Ripper D7
Hydraulic Ripper Ripper D8
Brush Rake D6
Brush Rake D7

Caterpillar 815 Packer and Dozer04
Caterpillar DW20 c/w Hyster Wheels I
60 Inch Pull Type c/w Pad Feet Packer
Versatile 400 4-Wheel Drive c/w Dozer Blade
Log Skidder
Caterpillar D850 Rubber Tracks c/w Dozer and Winch

1/2 Ton or 3/4 Ton per day
5 Ton Winch with Operator per hour
5 Ton Winch with Tandem Hi-Boy plus permit
Tandem Kenworth with 40 Ton Low Bed plus permit
Tandem Kenworth with 60 Ton 16 Wheeler Low Bed plus permit
Tandem Kenworth with 60 Ton 16 Wheeler Low Bed and 8 wheel Jeep plus permit
Tandem Kenworth with 60 Ton 16 Wheeler Low Bed and 16 wheel Jeep plus permit

Power Saws per hour

All Terrain Vehicles
Argo Plus Operator per day
Power Toboggan Plus Operator per day

Labor Rate Schedule
Machine Operators per hour
Laborers per hour
Labor Foreman per hour
Caterpillar Foreman and Vehicle per day

Where No Camp Available per man day
Room and Board at Open Camps will be charged back to Client at Cost

Camp Charges
6 Men and Under per day
6 Men and Over per man day

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